About Us

Mahila Mukti Sanstha is a grass root level organization that is pledged to work for humanity on several social issues like women’s empowerment, child marriage, gender-based violence, and sexual & reproductive health. The organization is also working for the benefit of mankind; children that are unprivileged and living a vague life are supported by various educational and scholarship programmes that help them to grow in life.

  •  Women’s Empowerment
  •  Gender-Based Violence
  •  Sexual & Reproductive health
  •  Child Marriage
  •  Benefit Of Mankind
  •  Education and Scholarship Programmes

The organization majorly works in the remotest part of villages of Hazaribagh District of Jharkhand where migration is a crucial issue; the organization has taken this issue as an extremity and tries to help the migratory workers and their families by creating opportunities for them to earn in their home town; the organization aware and educate women and adolescent girls about their fundamental and sexual health rights by means of sports and debates.


Establishing an ideal society through enriching the social, economic, social, psychological and leadership status among women, adolescent girls and children.


Mahila Mukti Sanstha is pledged to strengthen women’s and girls’ leadership and expand sexual and reproductive freedom

  • To create awareness among the girls and mothers regarding their reproductive health and hygiene through education, immunization, family planning etc
  • To strengthen the women at the grass-root level collective in Gram Panchayat by building a support mechanism and voicing the gender concerns in Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat
  • To create awareness for the participation in the development process, vigilance, and cooperation of the village community as a whole to bring social transformation in the radical change in the existing system.

How you can help us

Just call at +91 6546 261 338 to get in touch with us and help us

Our Main Aim

Mahila Mukti Sanstha is pledged to work to change the societal attitude and behaviour toward the social evils that are taken for granted through the medium of education, folk song, street plays and counselling and health care in the target group of rural areas of Hazaribagh District in Jharkhand.

Area of Work:

“My Body My Right”, Protecting the rights of girls and women against gender violence. Promotes the human rights of Women and Girls against violence and will support the existing system to better address issues affecting women and girls in Hazaribagh (Jharkhand).

What we have done So far:

Over a period of the last nine years around 10000 women and girls have been identified and covered through community-based activities and participation against Gender-based Violence, prevention of early marriage